Flu Fear 2013!

January 15, 2013

Widespread, especially virulent, death tolls climbing, and vaccine shortages looming. Every so often a flu like that hits, and now is one of those times. Just as widespread as Flu 2013 are the news stories about it, how to prevent it, and how many have fallen from it. Reaching the masses with excellent prevention advice is the good side of so many news outlets. Then there’s the drama reporting. The intense audio and bold graphics and imagery accompanying flu segments of many broadcast news reports are a bit overblown, even theatrical. Good for ratings, of course. But I find it all needlessly fear inspiring.

Be smart, not afraid, and hopefully wearing a surgical mask won’t become a necessity throughout the remainder of Flu Season 2013.

Virus and germ vigilance

Virus and germ vigilance

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Today President Obama signed health care reform into law, something which took nearly 100 years to do.  For some Americans, this is one more thing to protest about.

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