…as the lovely saying goes.  Happy adages aside, today just  happens to be World Smile Day www.worldsmileday.com.  And it’s a Friday…even more reason to smile.

So like the Chuang Yen Monastery Buddha pictured here, at least for today, laugh, be happy, and keep a smile on your face!

Smiling creates good karma!

Smiling creates good karma!

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A Friendly Warning

February 20, 2013

Using humor to prevent theft, a convenience store offers fair warning amidst the sundries. Whether or not the message led to less shoplifting is unknown. But it certainly led to something extremely valuable–lots of smiles and laughter!

Thieves beware the prize that awaits you.

Thieves beware the prize that awaits you.

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A League of Their Own

February 12, 2013

I was enjoying a lobster at a fish shack in northern Connecticut when in walked several women wearing these rather descriptive jackets. Turns out, they were bowling league pals traveling together for a long weekend, and bringing their team spirit along for the trip. They were sort of a Sisterhood of the Traveling Bowling Jackets. And they were a lot of fun!  Lobsters, laughs, and a camera.  Life is good.

Bowling league jacket bearing team name.

Bowling league jacket bearing team name.

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Mother Mary Comes to Me

April 1, 2011

Whether a believer, or a lover of sculpture, or both, the 48 ft. bronze Rosary Madonna Marian Shrine, as well as the other marble religious sculpture located throughout the grounds of the Don Bosco Retreat in Stony Point, New York, is wondrous to behold. A rather extensive gift and bookshop is a must-see while there.

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May 6, 2010

I recently shot portraits of Kara as part of the T-Project, photos of trans gender residents of Westchester County, New York, made possible via a grant by Arts Westchester to The LOFT LGBT Community Services Center in White Plains, New York.  Kara arrived to be photographed, some would say, unprepared.  She was dressed down, wore no make-up, and had come directly from an electrolysis session with face redness quite fresh and obvious.  But Kara was quite prepared.  She explained to me that she wants to show what the process of transitioning truly entails.  Electrolysis is only one part of the facial feminization process, a long and often painful process, like so much of transitioning is, both physically and emotionally.  The people I’ve photographed for the T-Project have taught me so much about being who we are and being unafraid.

Male to female trans gender woman

Male to female trans gender woman

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