A League of Their Own

February 12, 2013

I was enjoying a lobster at a fish shack in northern Connecticut when in walked several women wearing these rather descriptive jackets. Turns out, they were bowling league pals traveling together for a long weekend, and bringing their team spirit along for the trip. They were sort of a Sisterhood of the Traveling Bowling Jackets. And they were a lot of fun!  Lobsters, laughs, and a camera.  Life is good.

Bowling league jacket bearing team name.

Bowling league jacket bearing team name.

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While not on assignment photographing executive portraits or otherwise creating imagery for corporate communications, public relations, and business marketing, other equally interesting visual moments pass before me. Like this adorable little tough guy just sitting there on a park bench. We engaged in a little face-off, after which I complimented him on his stylish coat. And off we both went onto the activities we were headed to–he, a little exercise and meet-up with some pals at the dog park, me, a corporate photography assignment filled with lots of faces, thankfully none of which were quite so intense!

Blue-eyed bulldog

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